Sunday, June 26, 2011

About Chinese bikes

Reading things like this on the internet is disconcerting:

"The Chinese copies are made on a budget. Although they look just as good when new and parked in a showroom, from my experience they are made from cheaper, low quality, metal, paint, zinc plating, chrome, plastic, etc. IMO, avoid"

"The Chinese clones are very good. Expect to scrap them when they get to about 18 months old though! I spoke to a guy at the MOT place and he said every Chinese bike that came for it's first MOT (3 years old) was a failure and the cost to put it back on the road made it a write off. Every single one!"

Reading stuff like this prompts two reactions. The first is to get another bike as quickly as possible. The second is to resolve to keep the bike for three years and be able to report it got through the MOT. I do have a very large shed I could keep it when I get another bike which I may well do in the next few months.

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