Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How quickly things change!

I finally made up my mind to buy a Classic Royal Enfield Bullet. I had intended to keep the Lifan and to see how often I would use it as part of a two bike team. Then one day last week I decided that I would offer it for sale on Gumtree, the free ad site. It just seemed a more sensible thing to do. Within ten minutes of posting, I had three calls. A lad from Portsmouth wanted to strip down his bike this winter, knew all about Lifan, and wanted it as his winter runaround in the City. He picked it up later in the day.

I'll have fond memories of the Lifan. It got me back into motorcycling. Gave me 2600K of trouble free fun riding. For any learner who wants a cheap and reliable bike to start out with - it's a great buy. In fact for anyone, for whatever reason, it's a delightful experience to own a brand new bike at an affordable price - a price that's no more than the first day's depreciation on most cars!

Thanks little Lifan. You are missed already.