Saturday, September 24, 2011

Late summer

Looks like the week ahead will be another short summer. More outings! Now approaching 2500K I still go out for a run each day when the weather's OK. Only been caught in the rain three times so far. I took great care and each time didn't really get too wet. The bike's still running well. I'm pushing it a little faster now when I can. 55 to 60mph is achievable when I open up the throttle a bit more on flat roads - it's near max but on the roads I'm on it's not for long stretches. I'm very undecided about when I might want another bike and what to go for. The more I get used to the Lifan, the more I like it for the journeys I do. No doubt more power would encourage me to go further afield - but just how far, and just how often?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Bike storage

One of the things I like about a 125 is ease of parking in a tight space. I keep my Lifan behind one of my cars in a double garage - the one I use least. I can easily push it into it's space - it would be much for difficult for this old boy to manoeuvre a 600cc plus bike into the same spot.