Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Getting started

Taking up motorcycling after nearly 50 years since Lambretta days is quite a challenge. I decided to visit A J Bartlett in Lymington. Jimmy, who now runs the place, lent me a KYMCO People 50cc moped to try out. I quickly concluded that I wanted a little more punch and decided to start with a new cheap Chinese Lifan 125cc Mirage J. I take delivery tomorrow.

Meanwhile, armed with magazines and books, I'm going to mug up on the history of motorcycles. This new blog will be the story of another Fido retirement hobby!


A nice little automatic, so easy. But too much noise at 40 mph. I don't want to rush around but I prefer now to have a small motorcycle rather than a moped/scooter. 125cc will be enough to feel comfortable in the 30 - 50 mph range which is all I'm really after for now.

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